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It all adds up for Nedum

Nedum Onouha Manchester City Season 0506

Nedum Onouha Manchester City Season 0506

Nedum Onuoha will be a Manchester City Academy graduate in more ways than one when his plans for his off the field activities come to fruition.

The 18-year-old defender garnered great reviews for his displays in the City defence during the unbeaten run at the end of last season, but rather than rest on his laurels he is about to ensure that he has more strings to his bow than just that of a Premiership footballer.

"I have now finished my A levels and start an accountancy degree part time in September," he admits. 

"It is not just a case of filling in my spare time with education. The degree is something that I know I have to do."

Compared to the clichéd view of footballers spending most of their spare time on computer games or on a pool table, Onuoha's approach to his studies shows the intelligence and dedication that have already become hallmarks of his on-field performances.

While admitting to being able to switch off with more leisurely pursuits, it is strikingly clear how important Nedum's education is to him.

"I enjoy doing other things in my spare time. I play golf occasionally and I play snooker as well.

"But if it came to it, I know I would have to focus more on my education as those other things like playing golf I can do anytime."

Onuoha is a graduate of Manchester City's Academy, who have been keen to give all their charges a rounded education rather than just honing their football skills. Onuoha is grateful for the club's support, and points to others at the Academy who are following his lead.

"The club has encouraged me with every step that I have taken. They have not forced me into education but they know it is something that I want to do. The club will back me in the things I want to do.

"The D'Laryea twins have also just finished their A levels but they are having a year out and the club has approved of that. If they had decided to continue with their studying then they would have backed them with that."